Our goal was clear: find a way to empower people to explore, buy and share everything they see in movies. Since we couldn't find anything that achieved this objective whilst meeting our standards, we simply decided to invent it!


KLIKSEE was founded back in 2015 in London(UK) and since then has kept improving and attracting new young talents on board, bringing the headcount to 10 as of today!


KLIKSEE is an innovative software for Mac and PC that combined with kliksee.com and our iOS and Android mobile apps, allows you to finally discover, buy and share all the contents you see in movies. We don’t sell movies, we simply enhance your movie watching experience with a simple and intuitive interface. Think of KLIKSEE as your movie watching companion, except you don’t need a secondary device; everything is right there as you enjoy your favorite movies on your Mac or PC!


KLIKSEE is always evolving and growing! In the next months we will release AMAZING new features, compatibility with new third-party services and open a REVOLUTIONARY web-community for all of you, movie lovers around the globe! STAY TUNED and… Go beyond watching, start exploring!