Have you ever wanted to know more about something you saw in a movie? Now you can! Available on Mac or PC, our simple, lightweight and intuitive application will enhance your movie watching experience, allowing you to interact with movies like never before! KLIKsee is an entirely free application, that combined with KLIKsee.com, and your choice of common desktop video players (iTunes, VLC Player and Windows Media Player), allows you to interact, explore and discover contents seen in movies. It works with movies you already own or rent on your Mac or PC, that are also available in our KLIKsee movie database.

All you need is your Mac or PC, with your choice of iTunes, VLC Player or Windows Media Player, and an email or Facebook/Twitter account to sign up. Once you download the KLIKsee application and create an account, you will also gain access to your profile on KLIKsee.com, which allows you to explore our full content database, not just the information on the movies you watch.

KLIKsee is a two-part solution; the application for Mac or PC allows you to discover first hand all the contents you see in movies, right as the story unfolds before your eyes. From items you can buy online, to information on cultural references, actors and locations. The KLIKsee.com website allows you to take your discovery to the next level, participate in a growing community of movie enthusiasts and revisit your KLIKsee history and that of your friends. Both allow you to explore and share all the information available with KLIKsee.

You can create an account on KLIKsee.com by selecting "Sign up" at the top of the page and then choose "Create one here!". You can also download and install the KLIKsee application for Mac or PC, and from there you will be able to sign up and create your KLIKsee.com account.

Finding and inviting friends on KLIKsee.com is really easy. Once logged in, simply visit the ‘Find Friends’ page and if you have linked your Facebook or Twitter account you will see all your existing friends who are already using KLIKsee. On this page you will also be able to search for a friend using their email address, and invite them to join you if they have not yet heard of KLIKsee.

No, KLIKsee does not provide movies, like the iTunes Store does. You can buy or rent movies like you normally do, or perhaps you already have the movie on DVD. Think of KLIKsee as your movie-watching companion, providing you with endless knowledge about the contents and information you see in movies. In order for KLIKsee to work, make sure you use iTunes, VLC Player or Windows Media Player to watch the movie on your Mac or PC. Remember, in order for KLIKsee to recognize and provide information on the movie, it must be a title available in our KLIKsee movie library. Please refer to the start screen on the KLIKsee application on Mac or PC for the latest movie additions.

Tagging allows you, the user, to submit information to the KLIKsee team on any content or aspect of a movie, which we don’t already have in our database. Tagging allows you to contribute to KLIKsee’s already extensive database by sharing your knowledge with other users. To submit a tag, simply click on “+ ADD TAGS” in the bottom right corner of the KLIKsee sidebar on Mac or PC. The movie will automatically pause and you can enter the item’s title and an optional description. Submitting the tag will send it to the KLIKsee team for review. We appreciate you sharing your knowledge, helping us expand our database to incorporate all interest categories!

We are sorry you are experiencing some difficulties with the KLIKsee application or KLIKsee.com. Sometimes the easiest and most effective way to resolve technical glitches with the application is to remove and re-install it on your Mac or PC, and restart your system. None of your data will be lost, and everything on your KLIKsee account will be exactly how you left it once you log back in. If that didn’t work and for everything else, including general support questions, please send us an email at info@kliksee.com.

We’d love to hear from you! Please send us an email at info@kliksee.com with your comments, questions or concerns and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.